Destinations Entertainment World chooses Maldives!

Maldives is like a private villa which stands over crystal blue water. Here, all days finish with orange sunsets that make you carving for local citrus. The breathtaking coral reef and the underwater creatures demand a scuba session for a proper introduction. Briefly, this is Maldives. is the most exclusive travel site. You can consider this website as the place where only successful people meet for planning expensive vacations. We all agree that getting to and staying in this tropical paradise requires patience and, of course, plentiful cash. The sublime nature of all paradises that you can visit is constant in the dreams of travelers. says “Yes” to Maldives because of several reasons. With 1,190 islands (only 200 inhabited). Maldives has plenty of territory to explore. For one, the capital city of Male’ (one of the sales capitals in the world) bustles with activity from the fishing docks to the National Museum. If you are a scuba driver lover, you really can’t miss the riveting Maldives Victory shipwreck and the terrifying shark-filled Fish Head area.

We highly recommend you not to forget about the beaches! The sight is priceless because the soft sands face into turquoise reefs beneath blue waters!



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