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Yazidi’s girls are saved by a UNICEF program

Persecuted by ISIS, they were forced to left everything behind, treasured belongings and close friends and the place called home.

Thanks to a photographer, now, some Yazidi girls have the opportunity to live a normal life. All these girls had abandon their lives in order to escape the militants’. Some of these girls were captured by ISIS militants, were abused by fighters and now they are trying to heal and to rebuild their lives.

One of the Yazidi’s camp is home to almost 20.000 people. More than half of the residents are children up to the aged of 17.

However, hundreds of women and girls are still missing and United Nations presumes that they are being held by ISIS as sex slaves.

For these lucky girls there is hope and even a possible career in the future.

This UNICEF project is helping Yazidi Girls. These girls are living in a refugee camp in Kurdistan.


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