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Will Putin start World War III?


In August 2014 the real danger began:

That month, unmarked Russian troops invaded eastern Ukraine and soon the conflict had grown out of its control. Besides this, the Russian air force began harassing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Baltic States which are members of NATO. That was the time when US pledged that they will defend those countries.

Being convinced that both sides had more drastic intentions, the Russia and US have pledged to go to war in order to defend their interests in the Eastern European borderlands.  Hoping to scare one another down, they have conducted chest-thumping exercises and positioned military forces. In addition, President Putin warned repeatedly that he could use nuclear weapons and began forward-deploying bombers and nuclear-capable missiles.

Nowadays, Europe looks similar to the Europe on the eve of World War I. Its leaders already gave some signals about what would and would not lead to war. In this situation, the political tensions have become military buildups.

Putin has announced that by 2020, Russia will claim military dominance over the West. Some military officials from Ploughshares, a global security foundation, have reported that Russia possesses 8500 nuclear warheads – and that means that’s 1000 more than the U.S.

In February 2015, on American soil were caught Russian spies and over the English channel were spotted flying two Russian bomber aircrafts. In March 2015, Putin announces that if West was military involved in Crimea’s annexation, Russia is prepared to start a nuclear war. One wrong move and we could all be in danger, because we all know that Putin’s words are not empty threats.

Even if it’s about paranoia, fear-mongering and military tension, we have no certitude that Russia isn’t engineering the perfect environment to start a Third World War.

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