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Whale watching in South Africa

When it comes to South Africa we can say about it that is home to one of the world’s rarest plant, nut it is also remarkable for what happens in the waters that surround this area.

From June to October a coastline transforms into one of the most important whale nurseries. The so-called southern right whales migrated from a summer in the southern oceans near Antarctica to mate and calve along the shoreline of one of the largest Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) n Africa.

These whales were named right wales because the whalers identified them as the “right” whale to kill on a hunt. They area easy targets because of their docile nature and the proximity to the surfaces of the water. Since the banning of whaling, the populations are steadily increasing. At the moment, the current population of the southern right whales is estimated at 10.000.

De Hoop is considered a mecca for whale watching, because here are being recorded more than 100 whales at a time.

The Whale Trail can be an exceptional hiking experience. The fynbos astonishes with its orange blooms and golden yellow. A clear day and you can see cape vultures gliding overhead.

Besides whales and other special marine and plant eco-systems, Whale Trial is magic for its quietude.


Right Whale in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina.

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