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Wes Craven – the horror’s master died

The man behind “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream”, Wes Craven, dies at 76 years-old.

Wes Craven defined the horror genre, being the visionary filmmaker behind “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Later, he deconstructed and redefined the horror genre in “Scream”.

His death was confirmed by his family. Everyone says that Craven have been battling brain cancer.


Craven’s career started in 1972 with “The Last House on the Left”. In 1984 he created an enduring icon of terror – “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

In a 1999 interview with CNN, Craven confessed that his horror imagination spooked his as well. “The times when I’m scared are when I’m writing. I’ve been known to jump of a chair when someone comes into a room.” he said.

“Scream” – a horror master piece

With “Scream” the horror genre was bent again. Rose McGowan, described Craven as “the kindest man, the gentles man, and one of the smartest man” she’s ever known.

Wes Craven’s road to fame

Wesley Earl Craven was born in Cleveland and raised in a strict Baptist church. At his house, movies were banned, especially the kind he made later in life. “We were not allowed to dance, sing, smoke…or go to the movies” he said.

Form a Cristian-raised child he morphed to the master of fears.

Later, Craven attended Wheaton College in Illinois and graduated with a degree in English and psychology. After few years, he earned a master’s in writing and philosophy. He also briefly taught English.

In the 1970’s he socked the audiences with the realistic “drive-in” horror film – “Last House on the Left”. He also directed other notable films like the horror-comedy “Vampire in Brooklyn” and thrillers like “Red Eye” and “The People Under the Stairs”.

Well, we cannot say it was all about slicing and dicing. In 1999 he directed “Music of the Heart”, which featured Angela Basset and Meryl Streep. It was nominated for Oscar.

Years ago, he told on CNN “All of us have the potential of being evil. “The idea of the American dream community is an illusion. And the thought that you can construct a society that is free of evil is dangerous because you start to act very self-righteously.”

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