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U.S suggested arming anti-ISIS coalition

U.S. military commanders have suggested a program to provide ammunition and arms to a coalition that has up 5,000 anti-ISIS Syrian rebels.

This anti-ISIS coalition, known as Syrian Arab Coalition is fighting against ISIS, operating now in northern Syria. Meanwhile, the U.S. tries to figure out who to train Syrian rebels and put them on the battlefield. U.S. commanders believe that supporting this coalition is something crucial for achieving the success in northern Syria.

Syrian Arab Coalition is suffering from a critical deficit of ammunition. In this situation, U.S. commanders are planning to resupply it as soon as possible. Anyway, the final decision to provide ammunition and additional arms has to come from the White House.

This anti-ISIS coalition has been described for the first time as “Syrian Arab Coalition” by a senior Pentagon.

“The forces that we are training” are right now. Small in number and clearly are not going to reach the numbers that we had planned for” said Christine Wormuth, the undersecretary for policy at the Defense Department.

Until now, it is unclear if the U.S. trained rebels would work directly with this coalition and if it would be politically acceptable to members of the Syrian Arab Coalition, This anti-ISIS coalition is made up of 15 distinct ethnic groups and tribes.

U.S. officials said that that Syrian Arab Coalition fighters are working closely with Kurdish YPG forces and they all hope to have a successful mission on the battlefield against ISIS in northern Syria.

U.S suggested arming anti-ISIS coalition

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