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The death of Aylan Kurdi is the “migrant crisis”

Aylan Kurdi’s last journey didn’t took him in a safe place, hundreds of miles away from the merciless war in the native Syria.

This journey ended with a funeral the 2-year-old boy.

On Friday, Aylan’s body arrived in the Turkish city of Istanbul. Form here, his body will be transported to Kobany, a city from Syria.

His funeral will take place this weekend.


Images of the Aylan Kurdi will live on for a long time. The photos become viral and they symbolize the migrant crisis in Europa. In the images he’s wearing a red shirt and black shoes and, he’s lying on a Turkish beach and his face is partly covered by sand. He looks like he is sleeping.

Aylan’s family left their hometown in search of a safer, better life. Aylan, his brother Galip (4-years-old) and his mother Rehen drowned in this horrible journey. Only Abdullah Kurdi, the children’s father survived.

“I tried to reach for my wife and children. I was in the water for 20 minutes. One person after another was dying.” said Abdullah Kurdi. He said they were trying to go to Sweden by the way of Greece. Now, without his family, he said he is hopeless. “I don’t want anything else from this world. Everything I was dreaming of is gone. I want to bury my children and sit beside them until I die”.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have traveled by train or boat in order to reach Europe shores. Until now, more than 2,600 people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean and reach to Europe. This year, more than 350,000 peoples have arrived in Europe, seeking sanctuary form persecution, war and poverty.

“These people are forced to go on boats, they pay 4,000 or 5,000 euros and they die in these desperate circumstances. This doesn’t make sense. We need to have a coherent response to this situation … only Europe as a whole, based on solidarity, can give that response.” Said Antonio Guterres.

Aylan Kurdi’s has provoked waves of criticism against Europe. Apparently, Europe is not doing enough to help the migrants escaping Middle East and the Africa.

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