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She swallowed a 6-carat diamond

Jiang Xuliam, a 39 years-old-woman form China, tried to smuggle a 6-carat diamond by swallowing it. Thai authorities have surgically removed the gemstone that worth 10 million baht or about $280.000.

Last Thursday, Jiang and her companion were detained at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport while they were trying to leave the country. They stole the diamond form 56th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. The authorities believe that the pair have switched the stone with a fake diamond after wanting to inspect it.

Being in custody, Jiang refused to eat any food and only drank water. She swallowed laxatives but three days later had still failed to pass the diamond. After the stone moved from her stomach to her large intestine, doctors used a coloscope to extract the stone successfully. This happened on Sunday afternoon.

In 2012, a man was arrested while trying to leave the country because he had swallowed 220 polished diamonds. The diamonds worth $2.3 million and they were discovered by an airport security body scanner.


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