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Pure powdered caffeine is dangerous

Energy drinks, coffee and sodas – many of us drink these caffeine beverages every day. How safe are they for our health?

Powdered caffeine – be careful with it


For most folks is safe, but we can’t forget that in the wrong dose it can be deadly. The Food and Drug Administration has put five wholesalers of powdered caffeine on observation that their products are potentially dangerous.

The warning is due to the death of two healthy young men in 2014. This two men died after using the powerful stimulant.

Caffeine in its powdered form is very potent. One teaspoon has the same amount of caffeine in it as approximately 28 cups of regular coffee. According to the FDA, if you consume too much coffee you can end up with a fast and dangerously erratic heartbeat, seizures or even death.

Because of its purity, powdered caffeine is complicated to measure and get an accurate dose.

In its website, FDA said: “The companies have 15 business days from the date of receipt of the letter to communicate to the agency the specific steps they will take to bring their products into compliance with the law”.

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