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French jet bombs Raqqa, the capital of ISIS

On Sunday, French fighter jets bombed a series of ISIS sites in Raqqa, Syria. The officials described this action as a major bombardment. The airstrike happened two days after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris. ISIS claimed the responsibility for attacks, and the Frances’s President described it as “an act of war.”

According to ISIS, Raqqa is the capital of its so-called caliphate. Mickael Soria – the press adviser for France’s defense minister said that on Sunday the airstrikes included a recruitment center, a command center, a training camp for the terror group and an ammunition storage.

Soria said that in the airstrikes were involved twelve aircraft, including 10 fight jets. Twenty bombs were dropped and all of the targets were destroyed.

Analysts said that Sunday’s airstrikes were no coincidence. “Clearly, it’s a military activity, but it really sends a very strong political message, and it’s all for internal consumption within France,” said retired Maj. Gen. James “Spider” Marks. “This is very visceral. The types of targets they strike right now really are symbolic. From the French perspective, something has to be done.”

Bomber posed as refugee.

One of the terrorists behind the Paris attacks arrived In Greece last month, posting as a refugee, according to Greece and French officials. Still, it is unclear how he managed to travel from Croatia to French to participate in the attacks.

The French airstrikes hit several key ISIS facilities, including the city’s stadium used by ISIS as both its headquarters and a jail. It’s unclear what the damage was. The ISIS media wing Amaaw said that the sites hit by airstrikes had been abandoned and that no one had been killed in the airstrikes.


french jet bombs in Syria

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