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France carries out first airstrikes against Isis in Syria

According to a statement from the office of France’s presidency, France has carried out its first airstrikes against ISIS.

The strikes in Syria began Sunday and the French president’s office said that they were based on intelligence accumulated form air inspection operation organized over Syria in the past two weeks.

“Our country confirms its firm commitment to the fight against the terrorist threat Daesh. We will strike whenever our national security is at stake.” said the statement.

President Francois Hollande described the camp as a “threat to our country”. “We reached our goal and the whole training camp was destroyed” said Holland. Also, President Francois Hollande said that Bashar al Assad is the main person to blame for the Syrian crisis and that the future of Syria cannot happen with Bashar al Assad.”

France carries out first airstrikes against Isis in Syria

Airstrikes as self defense

Earlier this week, France announced that it will carry airstrikes against ISIS as an act of self-defence. “Our country thus confirms its resolute commitment to fight against the terrorist threat represented by Daesh [Islamic State]. We will strike each time that our national security is at stake,” the French Presidency said in a statement.

Later, the French president said that six French jets ruined an ISIS camp in Eastern Syria and made aware that more airstrikes will be launched in coming weeks.

“We are part of the coalition in Iraq [against ISIS]. We started reconnaissance flights to enable us to consider airstrikes if they were necessary and they will be necessary in Syria.” said at a news conference French President Francois Hollande.

Moscow criticized the French decision to carry out airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria. On her Facebook page, Maria Zakharova (Russina Foreign Minister) wrote that there’s no legal foundation for France’s anti-ISIS airstrikes.

U.S criticized Russia for construction an air base in Syria and has not criticized France’s action of carrying out airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

airstrikes in Syria

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