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Behind black holes there’s a similar or a different universe



Black holes are still a mystery. Did you ever wondered what will happens after you pass through a black hole? If Stephen Hawking is right, you might land in other universe which is very similar to our own or in a very different one.

Black holes are a deeply fundamental paradox that has confounded mathematicians and scientist for 40 years.

“If the hole is large and it is rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But I think that once you pass through a black hole you couldn’t come back to our universe”. Also, he mentioned that even if he’s keen on space, he won’t try that.

Information is stored in a different universe


Hawking has Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ASL, and is enclosed to a wheelchair. Even in this condition, he has taken a zero-D ride in an airplane and he said he wants to travel into space.

Stephen Hawking says that black holes aren’t that black as they are painted and that they are not the absolute everything-crushers that lock up matter for eternity. Hawking’s solution to the information loss paradox validates that the information is not passing through the black hole, but it being stocked on what’s called its “super translation” in a “event horizon”.


When a massive star dies it collapses in its one herculean gravity so extremely that it creates a field of space-time that is a “bottomless pit that swallows any

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