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Another mass grave was found near Thai border

According to Malaysian official, on Sunday, in the Wang Kelian area of Malaysia’s Perils state was discovered another mass grave containing the bodies of 24 people.


Autopsies are being carried out on all the remains in Alor Setar, Kedah, at the Sultanaj Bahiyah Hospital. It seems that these bodies are another sing of extent of the human trafficking operation. This operation has been allowed to flourish in the region.

In May, Malaysian police found 139 graves near the town of Wang Kelian and more than 28 illegal camps. Authorities believe that in this camps were held as many as 3000 migrants which were fortified with sentries and fences built from wood cut from the jungle.

During a crackdown on people smuggling, Thailand also found a number of graves and camps.


Trying to do discover the truth, authorities have made a number of arrests, questioning about how the camps were able to remain undiscovered for so long.


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