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A trip with Flysister in Ireland

Flysister App has given me lots of opportunities to visit this world and my last trip was in Cork, Ireland. I met nice Irish people that were on the website and we had a lot of fun while I was traveling there.
Here is all about my experience, what I think you should visit if you go there and where to eat.

First day when I arrived in Cork I went to Fitzgerald Park and Cork Public Museum. It was amazing!! This place is obviously named after Edward Fitzgerald (the famous English writer and poet). Here in the gardens you will find Cork Public Museum, a skate park, a cafe, sculptures and a water-lily pond. Me and my friend had a coffee at this cafe here and it was delicious :).

Cork City Gaol is another amazing place you should visit. This is a prison that housed both female and male prisoners who committed crimes within the city’s borders. This place was restored and opened to the public as a tourist attraction in 1993.

Don’t miss the Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone located in the northwest of Cork city – being one of the most talked-about attractions. This castle was built more than six centuries ago and it attracts lots of tourist.

If you want to taste fantastic dishes I highly recommend you Cafe Paradiso. You will be impressed by innovative dishes based on fresh seasonal ingredients, vast menu that will make it harder to pick what you want :). I had sushi and mole and it was the best of the best.

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