35 Dirty pick-up lines for Yuusk

Why Yuusk?

Anna is a college student and has used this application multiple times. She has met boyfriends, and friends through this application. She perform a small research to show you how to pick up on yuusk.com

Yuusk can be an amazing application for singles to use, especially for people in the millennial generation. Yuusk is not like a typical dating site. It is very straight forward to use, in fact it just requires you to do one of two things. You either swipe left if you do not like the person, or you swipe right is you want to see if you and the other person were a match. Whether you are looking for a hook-up, a relationship or even a new friendship, it can be a very beneficial application to meet someone new!

Personally, I have used this application for all the above. I would not change my experience for anything! In fact, some of these lines below came from my own Yuusk account. Some of my best friends have come from this application! I love having fun on it and meeting new people. However, there have been many times that I have been on Yuusk and have had zero idea what to say to the person. I start to question, what if they do not like what I say? What if they do not like me?

I have created this list of 35 dirty pick-up lines to pull in the person that you have swiped right on. Although this is a list of pick-up lines for Yuusk, there are also a mix of clever lines that will keep someone on their toes. These pick-up lines are for both men and for women. May they be ever in your favor.

35 Dirty pick-up lnes for Yuusk

1) You don’t know how many times I had to swipe left to find you.

2) Baby is you a lion? Because I can see you lion in my bed tonight.

3) I’m not a weather man, but you can expect a few more inches tonight.

4) You know, I’m doing a lot better now that I’ve matched with a pretty lady.

5) Hey, I’m not a dentist but I bet I could give you a filling?

6) I enjoy girls who look like you do baby

7) What did you say your name was? I want to make sure I’m screaming the right name tonight.

8) Are you a light switch? Because you really turn me on.

9) Aside from being extremely sexy, what else do you do for a living?

10) Are you tired? Want to change that?

11) I must be a beaver, because I’m dying for your wood.

12) I lost my virginity. Can I have yours?

13) I have 206 bones in my body, want to give me another one?

14) Please don’t let this go to your head, but do you want some?

15) You look like an extremely hard worker and I have an opening that you can fill.

16) I was told I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Could you help me?

17) That sweater looks amazing on you. I bet I would too!

18) Do I have to sign for your package?

19) I was feeling very off today, but then you turned me on.

20) Your place or mine?

21) Those look like quality pants; do you mind if I take them off?

22) It must be Christmas, because I can’t wait to unwrap your package.

23) Are you a woodchuck? Because I can see your wood.

22) You are on my to-do list tonight.

25) I’m having troubles sleeping by myself, can you sleep with me?

26) Are you an exam? Because I have been studying you like crazy.

27) I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours?

28) Are you a washing machine? Because I want to put my dirty load in you.

29) Send Nudes?

30) Do you hunt? Because I’ve been hunting for you all my life.

31) I swiped right, because I knew I wanted to.

32) Just checked my battery life, it’s at 69%.

33) I’m accepting applications If you want to apply, requirements include your phone number.

34) Let me make you brunch.

35) You’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

Have fun!

Have fun with this application! It is so much fun to meet new people and to engage in a playful matter. You are talking to someone that you have never met before, so why not make great and memorable first impression. So next time you are on Yuusk, remember to have fun and make an amazing first impression. Happy swiping!

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